The Gabriel Safari Series offers an extensive range of genuine, robust large bore South African oil and gas shock absorbers catering for the demanding requirements of today’s light commercial, heavy passenger vehicles, station wagon, South African taxi’s, SUV and MPV applications both on and off-road.

Allowing for greater ride control, comfort and ultimately safety, the Gabriel Safari Series and its Gabriel warranty delivers up to its historical South African pedigree and provides for total driving peace of mind.


Product Range

5600 Series:
Is a heavy-duty nitrogen infused big bore size shock absorber

designed for premium performance applications on today’s LCVs and SUVs.

  • Ø32 or Ø46 Large bore working cylinder
  • High temperature oil that can operate up to 120ºC
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas infused
  • Single or multi lip rod seals
  • NBR and Viton rod seals
  • Chrome plated & trication of zinc phosphate shaft
  • Teflon piston band or cast iron piston ring
  • Sintered metal rod guides with Teflon DU bushes
  • Metal dust covers or PVC gaiter protectors
  • Natural rubber or polyurethane mounting bushes
  • Gabriel 3 year warranty


  • The large big bore working cylinder will reduce the stress on the working components of the shock absorber thereby increasing the durability of the shock
  • Oil and nitrogen gas infused for quicker response times, greater vehicle control and ultimate ride comfort*
  • Specifically designed to give the driver a firmer and more responsive driving experience both on road and off road
  • The high temperature oil to prevent foaming
  • Polyurethane / rubber mounting bushes considerably reduce wear and tear**
  • Rust inhibiting finish applied to shaft (chrome plated & trication of zinc phosphate)
  • Manufactured locally to the highest quality standards using premium quality components
  • Gabriel 3 year warranty


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