Gabriel® Gaslift®

The Gabriel® Gaslift® series is designed to be a hassle free and customisable solution to assist in many various applications from, bonnet and boot applications, opening, holding open and closing doors to canopies, sun beds and window solution.

The Gabriel® Gaslift® range is also available in extensive automotive and industrial applications.

The range is supported through a variety of connection end fittings. Further, there is a national gas filling solution to fill units to a specific pressure to meet the required weight, angle and solution.

All of the range is covered by the Gabriel warranty and delivers up to its historical South African pedigree and provides for total peace of mind.

Gabriel Gaslift

Product Feature Product Benefits

Product Feature

Ø16 and Ø19 Bore working cylinder.

Designed to be used to a pressure of up to 1000N (rod size applicable).

Uses specific oil pumped with nitrogen which is designed to work in South African and African climates.

Single lip rod seals.

Sintered metal rod guides.


Product Benefits

A hassle-free ready to use solution for both industrial and automotive requirements.

The industrial range can be customised for particular applications.

  • 4000 Series can be pressurised to 500N
  • 4100 Series can be pressurised to 1000N

Plastic or metal end fittings to suit specific applications and cost options.

Universal canopy replacements.

Manufactured locally to the highest quality standards using premium quality components.

The Gaslift® spring consists of a cylinder, piston and rod assembly able to extend telescopically. The cylinder is filled with nitrogen gas at a very high pressure. It is this gas pressure which creates the lifting ability of the Gaslift® and the force exerted is proportional to the gas pressure.

A measured quantity of oil inside the Gaslift® lubricates the piston assembly and provides damping at the end of the extension movement. The damping imparts a more gentle action to the object being moved. Therefore, the Gaslift® should always be mounted with the rod in a downward position, when the door is fully opened.


Calculating the force (F1)

Required to hold the lid in the Open position Refer to the diagram:

F1 – Force exerted by Gaslift® in Fully Extended Condition
U – Upper Mounting Point
L – 
Lower Mounting Point
P – 
Pivot Point
CG – 
Centre of Gravity
A – 
Horizontal Distance from CG to Pivot Point P
B – 
P erpendicular Distance from axis U-L to Pivot Point P
W – 
Weight/Mass of lid

If the position of the CG of the lid is not known, then a spring balance or similar can be used to measure the force required to hold the door open.

If the force is measured at the upper mounting point U this force plus 10 – 15% safety factor is the F1 required. If the force is measured at any other point, use the perpendicular distance from the pivot point P to the attachment point of the spring balance as A and the spring balance reading as W in the formula.


Diagram of typical application

(*Refer formula to calculate)



By changing the Gaslift® axis U – L the lid can be made to open automatically once the catch is released, or stay closed so that no catch is required. The calculated force is only enough to balance the mass – add more to keep the flap firmly in place.

Work to low side of the calculated pressure at first because additional gas can be added, but pressure cannot be reduced.


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