Suspension tester

Testing time, Ease of Reporting

User and Consumer Interfaces were the three main drivers when developing a solution for local Market and after working closely with recognised fitment centres in South Africa, Gabriel South Africa believe that the solution offered has met all of these criteria.

Unlike many other machines, automated testing opposed to the old “bounce test” is the only true way to ensure that the frequency and displacement on a shock absorber is repeatedly achieved.

Analysing the shock absorbers response to its variable resonance frequency ensures that the results obtained are independent of other factors such as vehicle load. The Gabriel suspension tester offers this functionality through a quick and easy 3 minute test.

The complete machine test involves:

  • Selecting the vehicle make, model and year from drop downs.
  • Entering the Vehicle Registration, Kilometres and driver or owners details
  • Driving the vehicles axle onto the test equipment, whereby the test begins automatically after a vehicle is detected and a time delay accounts for pressure on the tester. The testing is done axel by axel and the results of the shock absorbers effectiveness are displayed for each wheel. The graph of the operating characteristic curve for each wheel and the effectiveness limit of the shock absorbers are displayed.
  • Moving the vehicle forward and placing the rear axle onto the same test equipment, where the test is repeated.



Once tested, the printed or screen based report display the results This should be used to define if a visual inspection should be performed on the shocks or suspension or not. Local studies have shown that once a visual inspection concurs that either the Shock Absorbers or other Suspension Parts are faulty, the printed form can be used as a part of the sales process, to increase the likely hood of a product transaction taking place, alternatively used through its unique quotation system against part number as a quotation for the customer to consider later on. All the data is stored within the testing machines software and many reports can be accessed directly or remotely.

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