Test your shocks

Roadholding signs

  1. See-sawing after braking
  2. Steering wheel vibrates
  3. Car nose dives when braking
  4. Increased radius on bends and corners, car does not hug the road on bends
  5. Car veers excessively in side winds
  6. Excessive bounce on rough surfaces

Physical inspection

  1. Leaking fluid / caked-on dirt with oily patches
  2. Dents and deformation
  3. Bald patches on tires

The bounce test

  1. Take each corner of the vehicle and push down hard
  2. The corner should drop, rise and settle again
  3. If the body continues to move up and down, there is a good chance your shocks need replacing

Professional Gabriel shock test

A professional shock test takes just a few minutes and can be done at most major fitment centres. This will provide a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s ride control.