Pre-trip check-list

precheck listAwareness of your safety and of those travelling with you means taking into account a number of factors – from ensuring your shocks are in good condition to getting enough sleep the night before you get on the road.

Here is a must-do check-list before you head out on your road trip:

A few weeks before your trip:

1. Make sure your vehicle license and driver’s license are up to date.

2. Check your vehicle for road worthiness: your tyres and spare wheel (for tread and inflation), your shocks, lights, brakes, jack and wheel spanner.

3. Check whether your insurance policy covers towing costs in the event of a breakdown. If not, up your cover or join the AA.

A few days before your trip:

1. Take a few minutes to plan your trip – the stops you’ll take every couple of hours or every 250 kilometres, where you’ll refuel and overnight stops.

The day before:

1. Check tyre pressure, coolant, fluids and oil levels.

2. Make sure you get enough rest, at least six hours of solid sleep before you take to the road.

Before you leave the driveway:

1. Ensure all luggage and cargo is put in the boot or properly secured to your vehicle. Never transport flammable liquid in your car.

2. Make sure that you have useful information and devices handy – maps, GPS, driver’s license, etc

3. Keep your sunglasses handy.

4. Buckle up and make sure your passengers do too. Drive safely and enjoy the journey.